Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Magical 39th Birthday!

My birthday present, Puzzy and G.

I am writing this least I forget what a wonderful 39th Birthday was yesterday. I am writing this at the crack of dawn before all other frenetic activities start because I want to jot down how blessed I am and I want to keep reminding me of such FACT.
I want to thank my family who although spread all over the world with different time zones than mine made it a point that from 8am till 11 am I was inundated with Skype calls. It was more one phone call into the other more than one phone call after another. A race who arrived first. Mum obviously won. Thank goodness for such technology.
I want to thank a special colleague of mine. We meet for lunch & finished playing together on one of her children's toys: who hits the light first with two plastic hammers. Laughing our heads out while imaging those lights represented various personalities we have some problems with at work. Definitely therapeutic. Then playing Wii with her children & being called for the first time Aunt (maybe I am becoming old enough to be called so).
I want to thank my dear friend in Malta who tried to phone me but international calls on the mobile where a bit tricky. Thanks for being always there!
I want to thank all my friends on Skype and not that after the morning family wave they started an afternoon friend wave call until late at night.
I want to thank all my friends on Facebook and Twitter. My mobile stopped only because at a certain point where I was there was no reception of my data carrier. (Thank you MacBook Pro & Samsung Galaxy S you excelled!)
I want to thank my loved one that although working so hard found a way to meet me in the evening with a lovely present in a so wonderfully decorated box. Thanks for accepting all my quirkiness as a matter of fact!
I want to thank Puzzy (my cat) that from the night of the 29th August started sleeping with me again, forgiving me for leaving him three weeks.
I want to thank with all my being, the Universe because life is Magic. Thoughts are Magic. Actions are Magic. And I need a permanent spell to remember all this.
Blessed be.


Ila said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. May you have many, many more.

Acquafortis said...

Thank you! I felt really blessed.