Friday, 15 July 2011

Set me free!

My mind is ticking,
my heart is aching,
my soul is yearning,
and my body is so tired.
Please set me free,
from this silent pain,
that numbs my existence.
From this confusion,
it is only making me irritable,
shrinks my heart
and act senseless.
Yes I know,
a moment in time will come,
when somehow,
all this will make sense
and I will set myself free,
but just now all I feel
is a lack of connection
with whatever should see me through.
Set me free....Libera Me!


Ila said...

That was very interesting reading. I, thankfully, don't feel that way, but ver well written.

Acquafortis said...

Thank you!
Have you heard how beautiful is that music I posted?