Monday, 15 November 2010

Daily Feng Shui Tip

This is what I received in my email Today. It is the Daily Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst
Thought it was a great idea to share.

Today we feel the energies of 'World Diabetes Day,' a time dedicated to a disease that claimed the life of my own dear father and almost every other ancestor in his family. And then there is one of my nearest and dearest, my good friend Linda, who was recently diagnosed with a rare kind of this disease causing me to further investigate the correlations between this philosophy I espouse and that insulin imbalance. According to Feng Shui, disease is caused or created by an imbalance in one of the five elements inside our bodies and our homes. In this specific case, diabetes relates to a disorder of the earth element since it's a sickness caused by a disorder of insulin produced by the pancreas, an organ also symbolized by the earth element in Eastern medicine. Earth is represented in the home at the center of same. If you or anyone you know suffers from this sugar issue, be sure to find your center (of the home, that is) and declutter and clean that entire environment! The next step towards health and well-being is to add any earth element to this area. A fresh and healthy green plant, an earthenware vase or container with a beautiful bouquet or anything with the color of yellow or brown (throw rugs, wooden coffee tables, etc.) will do the trick. Bringing balance to the earth-related arena inside your home will go a long way

So that's explains my fasting low today. The fury of decluttering I have been having these last few days.
I'm planning to do more. Have ample material to experiment on.
Doesn't cost me anything and I gain in health, organisation and space.
What else?

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Sunny Day said...

I was "into" Feng Shui for a while but haven't even thought about it since we retired. I no longer have any books on it but I still have a folder and have a link to a website on my computer.

After reading this, I may have to start studying again.