Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Remind me.

Remind mind me my Lord,
when my heart is obfuscated,
by weariness and distraught,
how fortunate I am.
Remind me,
that I am always being taken care of,
no matter what.
Whether or not the stars shine,
or the sun is tanning my skin,
and the wind bringing news,
from faraway lands,
there is always a light,
I can connect to.
A light that brings me back,
to that home,
to that oasis of peace,
to that divine in me,
that I keep on burying,
under tons of doubts,
whys and because.
Remind me now and then,
that I just have to ask,
and it will be given.
Remind me daily,
that I have just to
peacefully still my mind,
open my soul,
so you may speak,
softly to my heart.

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