Friday, 30 July 2010

Embracing the Divine

This statement might seem farfetched or overtly ambitious but this is what came to my mind this morning whilst meditating.
Yesterday I went to my usual Argentine Tango lesson. And it so happened that my wise patient teacher (Cristiano Bramani), during the after hours milonga, danced with me in a very close embrace.
He knows all about my fears to feel close to people, so he continuously nudges me to go a little bit further every time.
For a micro second I could feel his embrace not as a restraint but as a welcoming invitation to let go. If I only wanted to, I could simply let myself be led in the beauty of music, eyes closed, faithfully feeling his body opening a bridge to music and into it. An overwhelming communication that needed no words.
It was just a micro second because letting go is such a fearful act for me that it goes nearly beyond my comprehension. Controlling is what I do best in my life...
And this morning while meditating I simply, so to say, transposed what happened yesterday to my spiritual life, to my life as a whole.
That I tend to overly control everything to its minimum detail is for me now well known but what I can't savvy, is the beauty that lies in letting go. That relieve so deeply seated somewhere inside my being that challenges my very existence.
What if I could imagine embracing the Universe...embracing that Energy that has created me?
What if not only I could imagine, but viscerally believe as an experienced Tango dancer so well learns, to feel, to rejoice, to nourish one's soul in the embrace of the Divine?
What if faith is “just simply” that....feeling the “body” of the Divine and play it by the ear?

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