Friday, 28 September 2007

The commitment is to overcome these dark periods knowing that is just a period

Good morning! So many things to do and all I would like to do is sit down and rest. Reading, watching a film or just have a cup of tea and meditate, reflect on my life, on these days that seem to roll over one over the other and I simply can't catch my breath.
It just seems it is a period of sudden events where you have to squeeze through your energy like the final part of the toothpaste out of its container.
And I just say to myself I need to stop and think or else I won't learn anything, or else I'm not living. But you just keep on going.
I thank the universe that my girlfriend and I live together these days or else surely we wouldn't see each other for ages. She's working very long hours and when she comes back home she is so terribly tired that most of the time we fall asleep while we are watching TV.
The day before yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about "married" life. How there are periods where I am so worried because we seem so apart. These long hours took me by surprise. We weren't expecting them to start so early before Christmas and just after Pallino's death which just occurred just after her grandmother's death.
I felt defeated. Felt a great distance between us.
And my friend so wisely said something I would like to share ( she said it in Italian so I'll try to translate as correctly as possible) :
"In a couple the commitment is to overcome these dark periods knowing that is just a period".
It made me think and when I was back home from work I was definitely much better.
That same evening my girlfriend phoned me while she was coming back from work to apologise for her coldness lately. Later when I dozed off while watching the TV I was awakened by her kiss on my forehead. A simple gesture that words can never explain how much it touched my soul.
It was as if to say "My dear, what is between us has never been touched".
Well this is surely a lesson to treasure and to remember every single day....
I think that's all for now. Need to start working now.

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